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The International Congress for Health Specialties - ICHS is committed to ensuring that the worldwide population is provided with the best opportunities to access accredited and globally recognized medical and healthcare continuing medical education (CME) and continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities and events to improve knowledge, skills, professional quality performance, relationships, and communications.

Why ICHS Accreditation is important to you, your organization and your colleagues?

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ICHS guarantees unbiased and impartial evaluations for all accreditation applications.

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ICHS certifies that the scientific content of your learning event or activity aligns with the highest international standards adopted by ICHS.

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ICHS accreditation and recognition is a guarantee of excellence and high quality in medical and health education.

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ICHS accreditation and recognition guarantees up-to-date content on current practices and innovations for high-quality patient care.

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ICHS maintains an official registry of all accreditations & recognitions awarded. This makes it easier for your medical & health organizations and your country’s licensing authorities to verify the CME/CPD credits achieved. This official registry supports ICHS Chapters around the globe to keep track of their members.

ICHS Accreditation Categories

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ICHS Accreditation Categories

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32 Specialities

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406 Subspecialties

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International CME/CPD Activity Accreditation

For independent CME/CPD activities that don't exceed 24 hours to conclude, such as lectures, seminars, workshops, webinars, and other educational activities.

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International Conference Accreditation

For International Conferences and Educational Events that cover a broad range of topics within a particular professional or medical field.

ICHS Accreditation Eligibility Requirements

  • ICHS will only consider accreditation events and activities where the content, format, or speakers/lecturers are free from marketing and sales bias and are without any type of financial affiliations.
  • The events and activities must be primarily designed for medical and healthcare professionals and physicians.
  • The events and activities must fully comply or align with ICHS Accreditation Standards and Criteria.
  • The events and activities must:
    a) Be based on the educational needs of learners based on their professional practice gaps.
    b) Engage learners in educational activities as appropriate.
    c) Define and evaluate the learner’s achieved outcome level.
  • All lectures in the events and activities must have clear learning objectives that outline what the learner is expected to achieve after completion.
  • All lectures in the events and activities must be evidence-based.

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