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CME - CPD Program

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The International Congress for Health Specialties (ICHS)

is committed to ensuring that the worldwide population is provided with the best opportunities to quality medical and healthcare education to improve knowledge, skills, professional quality performance, relationships, and communication.

Why ICHS – CME/CPD Accreditation is important to you, your organization and your colleagues?

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ICHS is an organization that brings together some of the best & brightest minds in medical & health professionals today.

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ICHS will review the content of your learning event so that attendees know that it aligns with the high standards set by ICHS.

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ICHS accreditation and recognition is a guarantee of excellence & high quality in medical & health education that medical & health professionals can proudly share.

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ICHS accreditation & recognition guarantee that your education program offers some of the most relevant content that medical & health professionals need to stay ahead in their field of specialization.

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ICHS maintains an official registry of all accreditations & recognitions awarded. This makes it easier for your medical & health organization and your country’s licensing authorities to verify the CME/CPD points and credits achieved. This official registry support ICHS Chapters around the globe to keep track of their participants.

How to obtain
ICHS - CME/CPD Accreditation?

To obtain Accreditation and Recognition from ICHS for your CME/CPD activity, conference, event, program, and lecture is simple and straight forward. Below are the steps that need to be followed and ICHS assures you that our Congress Commissioners shall review your application promptly and revert back with comments, if any, and provide the Credit Hours for your CME/CPD activity.

  • Fill and submit the CME/CPD Credit Application and Activity Summary Form

  • The CME/CPD Credit Application and Activity Summary Form will be reviewed and a final decision will be taken within 3 Business Days.

  • The process might take longer if the ICHS Congress Commissioners reviewing the application request further information from the CME/CPD Activity planners and/or organizers.

  • If ICHS Congress Commissioners do not approve to recognize and accredit the CME/CPD Activity, an ICHS Rejection Notification shall be forwarded to the planner/s and/or organizer/s with the specific reasons.