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About ICHS

The International Congress for Health Specialties - ICHS, is headquartered in the United Kingdom, and is recognized as an international platform to inspire medical and healthcare professionals from over 438 different specialties and subspecialties to provide solutions to today's most pressing challenges in the medical and healthcare fields through advancing continuing medical education, continuing professional development, research, innovation, and excellence in healthcare for all communities around the world.

ICHS is the collective global effort of experts and professionals who aspire to contribute and commit to community service for the sole purpose of helping humankind across all regions of the globe without any bias toward race, religion, ethnicity, or location.



Year 2030
  • Unite various profession-based medical and healthcare communities around the world for the benefit of humanity.
  • Provide several trusted sources of internationally recognized learning opportunities for all medical and healthcare professionals and to support lifelong learning habits.
  • Initiate and maintain global scientific research and innovation through extensive collaboration and sharing of knowledge among healthcare professionals worldwide to strengthen their local communities to advance and develop their medical knowledge, research, and innovation.
  • Provide opportunities through an international network of correspondence which includes, but is not limited to, comprehensive science conferences, training programs, and healthcare-related gatherings and events for medical and healthcare professionals to share their knowledge, research, and innovations with a wider public audience.
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ICHS's Objectives 2022

Launch a platform that is accessible to medical and health professionals globally to accredit & recognize their continuing medical education & continuing professional development programs.

Provide access to medical & health professionals at their locality about trusted opportunities to continuing medical education and continuing professional development provided worldwide.

Encourage medical & health professionals to share their local research and innovation initiatives through a trusted platform for the benefit of humanity.

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Our Mission

“ To serve as a trusted global platform that unites medical and healthcare communities around the world through the advancement in the quality of international healthcare. ”

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Our Vision

“ ICHS will be the primary source of improving the international health stature for all communities around the world as a universally recognized umbrella for all medical and healthcare professionals. ”

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Our Values

  • Global Medical Community

    Honest, reliable, and professional exchange of medical education and information among the different disciplines and specializations of medicine and health.

  • Trust

    Trust and unbiased sources of medical education and information are shared through in-depth dialog and collaboration.

  • Partnership

    Commissioners, professionals, faculty and members value their contributions to empower the profession globally.

  • Sustainability

    Nurturing medical education as the fundamental contributor to the medical and health profession globally.

  • Integrity

    Actions of medical professionals and scientists continue to be the exemplary ethical behavior to the profession.

  • Serve Humanity

    Medicine, science, technology and innovation will serve and benefit the welfare of humanity.

Global Presence

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