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International Conference Accreditation

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The International Congress for Health Specialties - ICHS provides internationally recognized CME/CPD Accreditation for International Conferences wherein professionals, experts, researchers, and scholars from around the world gather and engage in meaningful discussions, knowledge sharing and collaboration to explore and address significant issues or advancements in their field of specialty.

ICHS's role in approving and regulating international conferences reinforces our commitment to upholding the highest international quality standards throughout all aspects of these events for the benefit of humanity.

Apply for an International Conference Accreditation


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Evidence - Based and Health Professional Centric

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A set of sessions, lectures, and workshops that cover a broad range of topics within a particular professional or medical field.

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Learning Outcomes

• Knowledge Refinements
• Skills and Tools Improvements
• Abilities and Care Enhancements
• Patient Outcome Improvements

Organizer's Requirements and Fees Schedule

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CME CPD Accreditation

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Organizer’s Requirements

International conference organizers must ensure that the International Conference meets with ICHS criteria and standards and the sponsoring organization/s must agree to ICHS terms and requirements.                                                   

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Fees and Payments Schedule

The ICHS Fee Schedule for accrediting, recognizing and certifying an International Conference is tailored in a manner to be affordable to medical and health institutions and professionals in order to encourage them to organize and host educational events and activities globally

How to obtain
ICHS - International Conference Accreditation?

  • Applicants must fill and submit the International Conference Application Form within a minimum of 90 days prior to the conference's commencement date.

  • The submitted International Conference Application Form will be reviewed and a final decision will be taken within 10 Business Days. The process might take longer if the ICHS Commissioner reviewing the application will request for further information from the International Conference Activity planners and/or organizers.

  • Applicants are requested to renumerate the ICHS processing fee upon application submission, and subsequently the accreditation fee upon the approval of the International Conference to receive the ICHS Approval Statement.


    • In the event that an ICHS Commissioner does not approve to recognize and accredit the CME/CPD Activity, an ICHS Rejection Notification shall be forwarded to the planner/s and/or organizer/s with the specific reasons for the rejection. ICHS shall refund the Accreditation Fee and retain the Application Processing Fee.


    • If an International Conference is cancelled prior to its commencement, ICHS will refund 50% of the Accreditation Fee, reimburse the additional costs of any non-refundable travel reservations, and retain the Application Processing Fee.

  • Upon the completion of the event, International Conference planners and/or organizers should notify ICHS that the event has been concluded by completing the International Conference Completed Form and provide payment for the Certification Fee per Certificate to receive the ICHS Certification Statement.

By submitting an application, you consent to comply with the ICHS Organizer's Requirements.