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International CME/CPD Accreditation

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The International Congress for Health Specialties - ICHS provides internationally accredited CME/CPD Accreditation and Recognition for educational programs, lectures, workshops and courses that are designed to provide in-depth and focused learning opportunities in specific areas of medicine or healthcare. These CME/CPD Activities are tailored to meet the needs of healthcare professionals who seek to enhance their knowledge, skills, and expertise in a particular medical specialty, subspecialty, or specialized practice area.

ICHS's role in approving and regulating CME/CPD Activities reinforces our commitment to upholding the highest international quality standards throughout all aspects of these events for the benefit of humanity.

Apply for CME/CPD Activity Accreditation


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Less than 24 Hours

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Lectures, Seminars, Workshops, Webinars, and other Educational Activities

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Learning Outcomes

• Knowledge Refinements
• Skills and Tools Improvements
• Abilities and Care Enhancements
• Patient Outcome Improvements

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Fees and Payments Schedule 

The ICHS Fee Schedule for accrediting, recognizing and certifying a CME/CPD Event is tailored in a manner to be affordable to medical and health institutions and professionals in order to encourage them to organize and host educational events and activities globally.

How to obtain
ICHS - CME/CPD Accreditation?

The method to obtain Accreditation and Recognition from ICHS for your CME/CPD activity, conference, event, program, and lecture is simple and straight forward. Below are the steps that need to be followed. ICHS assures that our Commissioners shall review your application promptly and revert back with comments, if any, and provide the appropriate amount of Credit Hours for your CME/CPD activity.

  • Fill and submit the CME/CPD Credit Application and Activity Summary Form.

  • The CME/CPD Credit Application and Activity Summary Form will be reviewed and a final decision will be taken within 3 Business Days.

  • The process might take longer if the ICHS Commissioners reviewing the application request further information from the CME/CPD Activity planners and/or organizers.

  • If ICHS Commissioners do not approve to recognize and accredit the CME/CPD Activity, an ICHS Rejection Notification shall be forwarded to the planner/s and/or organizer/s with the specific reasons.