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ICHS Foundation

ICHS Foundation

To establish its humanitarian commitment to the development of medical and health professionals worldwide, ICHS Foundation is supporting this mission.

The ICHS Foundation draws upon the generosity of donors and sponsors to enable ICHS to help fund and support internationally recognized and accredited continuing medical education, continuing professional development, research, innovation, and excellence in healthcare for all communities around the world.

ICHS Foundation Humanitarian Initiatives

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Supporting Highly Important CME/CPD Programs

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Awarding Grants to ICHS Outreach Programs

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Supporting Strategic Medical and Health Initiatives

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Donating and Funding

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Recognizing Generosity of Donors

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Outreach Initiatives

ICHS Outreach Initiative is related to providing CME/CPD programs and events by reaching medical and health professionals at their remote cities, towns, mountains and valleys and providing them with the opportunities to benefit from CME/CPD activities and programs.