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JICHS Policies and Fees

JICHS Publication Fee Schedule

Article Size Publishing Fee (USD)
1-3 Pages 50
4-6 Pages 100
7-10 Pages 150
11-13 Pages 200
>14 Pages 250

JICHS Publishing Policy

  • JICHS publications shall be in English only, Medical and Health Professionals who wrote their article in their native language need to submit a professional English translated article for ICHS peer review.
  • JICHS will publish the article in English and will publish the original article in the native language on DISCAMUS.
  • JICHS accepts medical and health related articles which are evidence based and scientifically robust.
  • JICHS accepts all article types including but not limited to: Reviews, Case Reports, Original Articles, Pre-Clinical Researches, Clinical Researches, Clinical Trials, Population Researches, Laboratory Researches, Technical Notes, Commentaries, Pictorial Essays, Editorials, Interviews and Others.
  • JICHS expects that articles shall adopt international standards for publications such as Research Reports shall be divided into Introduction/Background, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusion/Summary, Acknowledgements, References, Author/s Information.