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  • Unite various profession-based medical and healthcare communities around the world for the benefit of humanity.
  • Provide several trusted sources of internationally recognized learning opportunities for all medical and healthcare professionals and to support lifelong learning habits.
  • Initiate and maintain global scientific research and innovation through extensive collaboration and sharing of knowledge among healthcare professionals worldwide to strengthen their local communities to advance and develop their medical knowledge, research, and innovation.
  • Provide opportunities through an international network of correspondence which includes, but is not limited to, comprehensive science conferences, training programs, and healthcare-related gatherings and events for medical and healthcare professionals to share their knowledge, research, and innovations with a wider public audience.
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Year 2026

Launch a platform that is accessible to medical and health professionals globally to accredit & recognize their continuing medical education & continuing professional development programs.

Provide access to medical & health professionals at their locality about trusted opportunities to continuing medical education and continuing professional development provided worldwide.

Encourage medical & health professionals to share their local research and innovation initiatives through a trusted platform for the benefit of humanity.

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CME CPD Accreditation

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CME CPD Accreditation

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32 Specialities

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406 Subspecialties

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CME/CPD Activity Accreditation

ICHS grants Continuing Medical Education and Continuing Professional Development accreditation and recognition to scientific medical programs, activities and lectures

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International Conference Accreditation

ICHS approves, accredits and certifies International Conferences and grants CME/CPD Credit Hours accordingly