ICHS-HII Publication Fee Schedule
Innovation Initiative Documents Publishing Fee (USD) AED
1-3 Pages $ 50 183.63
4-6 Pages $ 100 367.25
7-10 Pages $ 150 550.88
11-13 Pages $ 200 734.50
>14 Pages $ 250 918.13

ICHS- HII publishing policy 

  • ICHS-HII documentation shall be in English only, Medical and Health Professionals who wrote their documents in their native language need to submit a professional English translation for ICHS peer review.
  • ICHS-HI will publish the Health Innovation Initiative work in English and will publish the original work in the native language on the IVLN.
  • ICHS-HII accepts medical and health related innovation initiatives that are evidence based and scientifically robust.
  • ICHS-HII accepts all innovation initiatives that are novel, applicable to medicine and health, ensuring a benefit to the receiver of care and meeting the expectations of the stakeholders including but not limited to medical and health professionals, hospitals and health organizations, innovator institutions and regulatory authorities.
  • ICHS-HII expects that innovation initiatives shall adopt international standards for documenting innovation initiatives.