Health Innovation Initiatives

International Congress For Health Specialties Health Innovation Initiatives – ICHS-HII is initiated in line with the World Health Organization – WHO explanation that ‘Health Innovation’ improves the efficiency, effectiveness, quality, sustainability, safety, and/or affordability of healthcare


ICHS- HII recognizes all innovation initiatives that are novel and improve health policies, practices, systems, products and technologies, services, and delivery methods that result in improved healthcare.


Submitted health innovation initiatives to ICHS-HII shall be peer reviewed by ICHS Education and Innovation Faculty prior to publishing to ensure that the health innovation initiative meets the standards set by ICHS. ICHS-HII shall publish the health innovation initiative on the ICHS Virtual Library Network – IVLN making it available globally to ICHS Members, Visitors and Subscribers.


ICHS-HII publishing charges are affordable aiming to encourage medical and health professionals to publish their health innovation initiatives and share them globally.


To learn more about ICHS- HII publishing policy and fees please click here